The Future of Data Center Organization: Color Power Cables

The Future of Data Center Organization: Color Power Cables

Speed. Efficiency. Accuracy. Organization.

For years, IT managers have been color coding network cables in data centers. Color-coding is one of the easiest ways to stay organized when you’re working with thousands of network cables. C2G has taken that strategy to another level, and is now offering color power cords. Perfect for the data center, a server room, or even the desktop, color power cords are a colorful way to stay organized. Use color power cords with that color coding, professionals feel more confident that they are working on the right part of the network, helping to ensure uptime during maintenance, moves, adds, and changes.

With the latest introduction from C2G, color coding can now be extended to power cables. Our new line of Color Power Cables feature:

• Color options including: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and White

• Full length color jacket with match color connectors

• Heavy duty stranded copper conductor construction

• Connector configuration options including: C20 to C19 & C14 to C13

• Power ratings: 10 Amps over 18AWG, 15 Amps over 14AWG & 20 Amps over 12AWG

• UL Listed

• TAA Compliant

As with the color coding used for network cables , these color power cables allow IT technicians to perform maintenance tasks with confidence and easily locate equipment based on functionality or location, saving both time and money. These cables may be used to connect PDUs to servers, switches, or other data center equipment.

Be sure to check out these new power cable options, along with our recently introduced Locking Power Cables, Surge Suppressors and Power Strips , Wiremold Plugmold Multioutlet Systems, and our industry leading selection of standard power cords.

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