Legrand Intelligent Infrastructure at Cisco Live! 2018

Legrand Intelligent Infrastructure at Cisco Live! 2018

Legrand North America, the parent company of C2G, recently attended Cisco Live! 2018 in Orlando, Florida. CLUS is a conference that features the latest in technology and innovations. Robert Mays, Technical Marketing Specialist, attended the event to share his technical knowledge with potential customers. Luckily for us, he was willing to share his experience from CLUS. Enjoy!

I have attended trade shows and conferences in the past, but none of them stack up to my visit to Cisco Live! 2018 in Orlando, Florida. With an estimated 30,000 people in attendance, over 300 vendor booths and influential messages from speakers and keynotes, Cisco Live clearly offered an impressive display of technology and innovation.


It was clear that Legrand had a strong presence at the show, with aisle containment, copper and fiber connectivity solutions provided for the Cisco Live NOC (network operations center), the simplified edge vertical wall-mounts providing network connectivity for the show and the Legrand logo showing up on every side of every pillar in the building. I was proud to be there supporting Legrand and the infrastructure that we displayed in our booth, #1841. It was a massive display showcasing complete solutions through networking - utilizing racks, cabinets, overhead pathways, cooling solutions, patch panels, fiber enclosures and all the connectivity needed to pull it all together. It was an impressive site to see how Legrand provided everything that was needed for a complete data center, minus the actual switches, servers and storage. The booth was catching the attention of all who passed by, with several people stopping to get their picture taken next to the cable management in the Mighty Mo® 20 racks. Being someone that has a thing for order and cleanliness, even I was mesmerized and impressed with the cable management.


The star of the booth was the Vertical Wall-Mount Cabinet that touted “Simplified Edge Solutions” down the side, like the ones stationed throughout the show floor. It was a fully loaded, fully functional cabinet filled with all the necessary connectivity. It included an industry leading Intelligent Power Distribution Unit, Temperature and Humidity Sensors, and it was all secured with a SmartLock™ Handle. The cabinet had a special clear door that was made just for the show to display all the contents. The cabinet was also networked to and powering the PoE lighting display. Every attendee that entered the booth checked it out.

While I was working the booth and attendees approached, my past retail experience came out, and I couldn’t help but show them everything we had to offer. I had one customer that was very interested in only the Vertical Wall-Mount Cabinet, but once I opened it up and explained the contents and how we provide everything, his interest grew more. I even popped one of the unused High-Density Jacks out of the patch panel to show him the ease and simplicity. After all that, his comment to me was “I’m going to need a total of seven of these.” It was great to see how receptive the attendees were and how they wanted to know more about Legrand.

During my down time, I took advantage of walking the floor and checking out the other booths and sights. It was interesting to see how other vendors positioned their booths with product, presentations and how some booths were drawing attention by offering games and prizes. The marketing for some of the booths was off the charts and unconventional. I did find a few booths that had a similar feel to our Legrand booth, but in the end, we differentiated by offering a complete solution.

If I hadn’t already felt proud and empowered that I work for Legrand, the presentation given by Rebecca Gilstrap and Farukh Aslam would have done it alone. Rebecca Gilstrap, Director of Strategy for the Data Communications Divison of Legrand, North America, gave a great presentation providing our mission statement, how we help customers achieve their goals, and the Legrand presence at Cisco Live! 2018. She also introduced the nCompass Smart Building Warranty. Farukh Aslam, the owner of Sinclair Holdings, introduced the “hotel of the future”. His presentation felt like a futuristic sci-fi novel, showcasing a 1929 era art deco building that is being converted into a 164-guest room Marriot Autograph Hotel. The entire lighting system of the building will run off digital electricity, with 300 Cisco switches providing PoE (Power over Ethernet) to power lights, mini bars, door locks and motorized window blinds in every room. The hotel will also feature a fitness center with equipment that generates power as people exercise. The building will also include a CVS for its guests. It will be the first CVS to use PoE lighting for every light fixture, including the exit signs. It even has future projects that will include the in-room air conditioning to run on PoE. The presentation went on to show the savings entailed with PoE and ended with more detail on each of its PoE amenities. Even though this sounded like the future, it is happening now. We are entering the age of the digital building.


Overall, it was a wonderful experience of new technologies and innovative ideas that I will always remember. I can’t wait to see what we do to top this year’s event.

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