C2G's Ultimate Olympic Quiz

C2G's Ultimate Olympic Quiz

Think you’re a whiz when it comes to the Olympic Games? Test your knowledge of the sporting events by taking C2G’s Olympic quiz. The correct answers are listed below question 10.

  1. How many minor (ordinary) fouls can a water polo player have during a single game?
    a. 3
    b. 5
    c. Unlimited

  2. How many hurdles are included in the 110m hurdle race?
    a. 10
    b. 11
    c. 12

  3. How many meters long is an Olympic pool?
    a. 100m
    b. 50m
    c. 25m

  4. How long is the Olympic steeplechase event?
    a. 3,000m
    b. 5,000m
    c. 10,000m

  5. Which event is NOT included in the women’s gymnastics all-around
    a. Floor exercise
    b. Pommel horse
    c. Uneven Bars

  6. How high is the tallest platform in Olympic platform diving?
    a. 10m
    b. 7.5m
    c. 5m

  7. What is Olympic record for men’s pole value?
    a. 19ft 9.25in
    b. 20ft 2.50in
    c. 16ft 6.75in

  8. Where is the next Summer Olympics going to be held?
    a. Singapore
    b. Taipei
    c. Tokyo

  9. What is Michael Phelps’ son’s name?
    a. Braxton
    b. Michael
    c. Boomer

  10. How many athletes participated in the Rio Summer Olympics?
    a. 11,303
    b. 5,607
    c. 3,245

1)C 2)A 3)B 4)A 5)B 6)A 7)A 8)C 9)C 10)A

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