C2G's New Blog. Share Ideas and Win!

C2G's New Blog. Share Ideas and Win!


C2G is introducing a weekly blog that will cover relevant, interesting topics pertaining to the world of cabling and connectivity (yes, it DOES exist). Readers will enjoy articles written by various product managers, marketing gurus, sales reps, and of course, Joe Cornwall, C2G’s Technology Evangelist. Every two weeks, one of our contributing authors will cover a topic that is guaranteed to inform you of something you probably didn’t know. It could be about a new product, technology, industry trend, sales tool, or something we haven’t thought of yet.

Why should you add our blog to your RSS reader? Because it’s based on the topics that our customers are talking about. This isn’t a platform for C2G to shove products down your network; it’s a place to inform and be informed. We will be reaching out to resellers, distributors, integrators, architects, installers, sales reps, technology experts, and so on, for topics that deserve a discussion. And we will have that discussion on our blog. It’s highly likely that we will be giving stuff away now and then for really good ideas.

Send us your blog ideas! Send your topic to and we will do our best to form a discussion around it. If you are interested in guest blogging (sharing your opinion or experience with our readers) send us that, too. You’ll be given full credit for the article, and some amazing freebie for being a guest blogger. Until we receive submissions, we will do our best to share the most relevant, interesting articles about cabling and connectivity with our audience. Oh and we will include pictures, short movies, info graphics and charts when we can.

Check out our contributor bios. Reach out directly to the people who write for the C2G blog through social media or email. Each article will list a contributor that you will have direct access to in order to provide feedback, further the conversation, or share your disagreements with. Play nice, please. Over time you’ll become familiar with the authors, and their “personality” and you’ll probably have your favorites. We are encouraging each contributor to put a little of their own ‘tude in the blog, since this is a blog, and real people are writing about real issues, trends, technology…you get it.

-Kim Brakefield

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