C2G's Halloween Bash!

C2G's Halloween Bash!

C2G’s annual Halloween Bash is one of my favorite days around the office! Each year we hold a costume contest, bring in delicious treats, and raise money to support a local elementary school.

As our Halloween Bash draws near, people begin to plan their costumes. What’s up for grabs? The best individual wins a gift card and the best group gets a pizza party – it’s kind of a big deal. Groups and individuals pick themes and keep them top secret to ensure the element of surprise! Finally, the morning of our event employees roll into the office decked out in everything from spooky to hilarious costumes! As the day begins, everyone makes their rounds to start pinpointing who might take home prizes this year. Photos are taken of all costumes and judges vote on their favorites.

This year’s winners were:

Best Individual: Creepy Volleyball Coach (Photo not available for good reason…use your imagination!)

Best Group: Wizard of Oz – Complete with the yellow brick road and rainbow! See picture above.

Employees sign up to bring DELICIOUS homemade treats that are served throughout the entire day. The breakroom is decorated in the best that Party City has to offer and is even accompanied by Halloween jams! Employees make donations to the local elementary school as they come by to pick up some goodies.
This year we held a Graveyard Technology Silent Auction (GTSA) as well. Laptops that IT deemed “out-of-commission” for employees (but still suitable for basic use) were auctioned to the highest bidder. This is the second time we’ve held the GTSA, and it’s been wildly successful both times. Again, the proceeds will be used to help support a local elementary school that C2G has been partnering with for years.

So why do I love this day so much? Besides the obvious fun of the costumes, treats, and decorations, it’s a time when the office gets together to celebrate! I see people I don’t talk to every day. I walk around the building in search of awesome costumes, and I get to meet new people. Best of all, I get to see the generosity of C2G employees as they support a local school that is near and dear to our hearts.

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