C2G’s Blog is One Year Old!

C2G’s Blog is One Year Old!

Happy Birthday, C2G Blog!

I just wanted to take a minute to recognize the fact that C2G’s blog started just over one year ago. In the past 365 days we have posted roughly 50 articles, written mostly by C2G employees. The articles have ranged from explaining HDMI 2.0 to sharing How-To videos about common household connections. One of our very first articles was about a new technology that would soon be coming…USB Type C. Fast forward one year, and C2G carries USB Type C cables. We (and everyone else, because the spec hasn’t been released yet) are still waiting for USB 3.1 cables to hit the market. Just like USB Type C cables, C2G will be one of the first manufacturers of USB 3.1 cables later this year.

Looking back at our blog posts is interesting because it’s a reflection of what has been happening in the world of connectivity. It brings to light how fast some technologies are changing and evolving (Wireless Power & USB) and how others seem to stand still (DisplayPort and VGA). There is a lot of information on our blog about USB (a LOT). I think it’s safe to say that if you find yourself with a question about using or installing USB, just call someone at C2G.

Some of my favorite posts aren’t about products at all. They are about C2G people and projects. We talk about sustainability in the work place and programs that employees participate in throughout the year in their communities. We even talk about eating, which is one of my favorite topics! Check out the post about food trucks at work for a few laughs and good ideas. Or read the post named “Chef’s Choice” for a few dinner ideas.

In closing, the Blog is something that gets posted each week by a dedicated team of contributors. We don’t usually get much time to go back and review all the articles that have been written over the course of a year, but I’m glad I did. I am surprised how many of our posts are “ahead of the curve” from a technology standpoint, and I’m impressed at the level of knowledge that C2G employees bring to everything they author.

Cheers to another year!

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