C2G Gets Physical! Physical Infrastructure, That Is.

C2G Gets Physical!  Physical Infrastructure, That Is.

In our effort to bring you the most complete networking solution that’s more than just cables, C2G, a group brand Legrand, now offers Legrand racks, server cabinets and cable management accessories! These new products are backed by Legrand’s 30 plus years of technical expertise in physical infrastructure to ensure reliable network performance in small telecommunications closets up to moderately-sized data centers.

Our rack offering starts with the simple 2-post rack , designed for lighter equipment and patching applications, easy access, and maximum ambient airflow. For applications with larger server or switch equipment we offer the 4-post rack in various heights and adjustable depths. We also offer various rack enclosures with locking doors and side panels for those installations requiring greater security, controlled cooling or better aesthetics. Lastly, our wall mount racks and brackets are ideal for tight spaces or smaller installations.

The secret to really make your network high performing, however, is to ensure you have proper protection of your cables and air flow to your equipment. Our line of horizontal and vertical cable managers help protect your cabling, facilitate future moves, adds, or changes, and present an aesthetically pleasing design. To help control air flow, we offer easy to install filler panels and cable pass through panels. And to round out your installation, use our rack mount shelves, mounting hardware and grounding kit.

These new racks, enclosures and accessories, along with our extensive line of Category and fiber optic cables, and transceivers, allow us to bring you a complete networking solution composed of more than just cables.

By Tom Chantrell

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