C2G Joins Forces With Epilepsy Foundation of Western Ohio

C2G Joins Forces With Epilepsy Foundation of Western Ohio

Each year C2G partners with a local non-profit organization that is near and dear to one or more employees’ hearts. In 2015, C2G is dedicated to raising the awareness of Epilepsy through a partnership with the Epilepsy Foundation of Western Ohio (EFWO). Lead by the efforts of two C2G employees affected by Epilepsy, the company is raising money by participating in two Foundation-sponsored events as well as sponsoring several of their own events.

The first Foundation-sponsored event, Flame of Hope 5k walk, is taking place this Saturday in Dayton, Ohio. C2G has two teams, and donations can be made to either team.Two teams to donate to: Team Jacqui or Team Jeremy.

The second Foundation-sponsored event is a mud volleyball tournament on July 11th in Dayton. C2G is raising money to sponsor two teams in the tournament.

In addition to participating in EFWO events, C2G is raising money for the cause through special events such a 50/50 drawing and an evening of artistry at Raise Your Brush on June 17th.

One thing is for sure, C2G has something for everyone when it comes to making a contribution to the EFOW. If you’d like more information on events or making a donation, please contact Jacqui Carner

About the Epilepsy Foundation:
50 million people around the world lose seconds, minutes, or hours of their lives to seizures - precious moments that can never be regained. The Epilepsy Foundation of Western Ohio (EFWO) reaches out every day to offer our help to people facing the challenges of seizures and epilepsy.

The Foundation is an independently incorporated affiliate of the national office of the Epilepsy Foundation and an Outcome and System Partner with the United Way of the Greater Dayton Area. The agency was founded as a non-profit corporation in 1974. Its creation was the culmination of efforts started by one individual- Mrs. Joan Schreck of Kettering, joined by others with epilepsy, parents, and concerned citizens.

Mission: The Epilepsy Foundation Western Ohio leads the fight to stop seizures, find a cure and overcome challenges created by epilepsy.

Vision: We are committed to helping create an environment where there is no stigma or fear associated with seizure disorders; where persons affected by epilepsy have the knowledge, self-esteem and support to participate in normal life experiences; and where the barriers that they face have been removed.

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