C2G Earth Day

C2G Earth Day

For Earth Day this year, C2G hosted a fun filled week of activities. The event helped create sustainability awareness within our company. Not only is C2G committed to the betterment of our community and Earth – Legrand is equally committed. This is an important partnership. Why, you ask? 1 billion people in the world live without electricity, 783 million people live without clean water, and 2.5 billion live without proper sanitation.

By the end of Earth week, C2G planted 1,770 trees and raised $162 to put towards our Better Communities committee fund. This fund supports the growth, maintenance and development of Five Rivers Metro Parks. As a global company that is completely committed to sustainability, reducing our environmental impact, and improving the well-being of our communities, it is only fitting that we take Earth Day seriously enough to have Earth Week! Take a look below for all the fun we had.

Monday Pizza Party for the entire office (what gets you more excited to save the Earth than pizza? After all, No Earth= No Pizza, and that is just not a reality we all want to picture)

Tuesday & Wednesday Bake sale to raise funds for our Better Communities Committee in support of our Legrand Global Sustainability mission
During the bake sale, employees showed off their baking skills with cookies, brownies and other yummy treats. We collected $162 in donations and gained five pounds.

Thursday & Friday Tree planting and trail cleanup!
C2G’s 18 volunteers were able to plant 1,770 new trees in just two days! One large tree can supply a day’s worth of oxygen for four people.

Earth Week was just the beginning! Our Better Communities committee already planned more activities with Five Rivers Metro Parks such as Bike to Work Day and the Midwest outdoor experience. Our goal is to have 100% participation within our Moraine Ohio office at C2G.

C2G is making it a mission to help provide Light, Power, & Data to not only businesses but our local community. With our Better Communities committee, we are living up to Legrand’s strive to enhance both employee and community welfare through programs that help people enjoy healthier, more productive and more rewarding lives. Stay tuned for opportunities to participate for the rest of the year!

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