C2G Celebrates Conservation

C2G Celebrates Conservation

For nearly 50 years the Five River Metro Parks have connected the Dayton community with nature and conservation efforts. The Five River Metro Park’s collection of 18 parks boasts the area’s most scenic hiking, biking, cannoning and camping. Five River’s strives to educate the community on the importance of living an active lifestyle as well as preserving the Ohio landscape for future generations.

Each year C2G chooses a non-profit organization to support with fundraising and volunteer efforts. The partnership between C2G and Five Rivers Metro Parks was formed after a deliberation and vote from the entire staff at C2G. The Metro Parks won with more than 50% of employees’ votes going to support the cause.

Legrand, the parent company of C2G, is hoping to change the way businesses interact with local communities by rewarding each employee with eight hours of paid volunteer time off. These hours can be used with any non-profit or volunteer organization. Legrand hopes that the time spent volunteering will inspire everyone to become more involved within their local communities.

The team at C2G has already hosted several events and has plans for a few more in the near future.

Earth Day

18 C2G employees volunteered to plant trees in a local park in celebration of Earth Day. The group planted a total of 1,770 new trees despite the chilly conditions. Also on Earth Day, the C2G team hosted a bake sale at their offices in Moraine. All of the funds collected where donated to the Metro Parks.

National Bike to Work Day

Dayton Ohio is home to some of the most beautiful bike trails in the country. The city’s focus on clean transportation has landed it with numerous awards including the Bicycle Friendly Community award. To promote the conservation of fossil fuels, Five Rivers hosted a Bike to Work Day. Each biker was offered a free pancake breakfast as an incentive for riding a bike to work. C2G volunteers helped register the bikers, flip the pancakes and pour coffee.

The Midwest Outdoor Experience

This outdoor extravaganza began as a small event to highlight outdoor gear vendors. It has grown to encompass nearly every outdoor activity imaginable. The local community can try a variety of outdoor recreational sports such as fly fishing, backpacking and disc golf. C2G anticipates that all employees will take advantage of this volunteer opportunity and enjoy the great outdoors.

Ways to get involved

At C2G we believe that no one is exempt from the responsibility to care for our environment, community and world. If you are interested in volunteering for Five River Metro Parks check out the link below!
Five River:

Information Provided by Holly Ricci and Lorrie Peacock-Curtis

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