A World Without Connectivity

A World Without Connectivity

On a chilly Thursday morning, in an Ohio suburb , a young woman wakes to find that her entire world has changed. Her day begins like any other. She’s up before the sun, heads to the kitchen to make some coffee; as it begins to brew she reaches for her phone to see all the things she has missed while she was fast asleep. Almost as soon as her eyes open every day, she checks in with social media to see what her friends and family are up to. First to Instagram, then to Facebook, Twitter, and finishing with Snapchat but on this fateful morning, she would not double tap any pictures of dogs or check out memes on Facebook. She would not be retweeting and she certainly would not be laughing at the new filters on Snapchat. She grabs her phone only to find that it’s dead. Her Lightning Cable is missing.

Frustrated, she searches her house high and low, opening every cabinet and drawer but her extra charging cables are nowhere to be found. When she realizes what has happened, she runs to her television and flips it on only to see nothing buy a fuzzy, snowy screen. All of her HDMI cables have disappeared. As the panic sinks in, she heads to her office and turns on her computer. She hits the Firefox icon as fast as she possibly can only to receive the message “No Internet Connection”. Her eyes fill with tears as she realizes that her Ethernet cables have vanished. She eventually walks outside and finds that the same thing has happened to everyone. Neighbors look around at each other in amazement and shock as they realize that they were all gone. There’s nothing anyone could do but sit and wait.

In the interview that we had with this young woman, tears filled her eyes again and again as she replayed the horror of this day for us. However, her spirits improved as we discussed how her life has changed. “I realize now how much I took them for granted. I appreciate them so much more now, they will never be an afterthought again.” she tells us.

Connectivity is the backbone of our culture. We use it every day to connect to the people around us, whether it be coworkers, family or friends. Our hope is that you won’t end up like this woman on this horrific day. Her story of survival and loss is unlike any other we’ve heard before. If you would like to continue connecting, sharing, watching, charging, tweeting and checking in – don’t forget the connectivity.