A Magical Place to Work and Give Back

A Magical Place to Work and Give Back

During the holidays C2G transforms into a quite a magical place – with yummy baked goods being shared throughout the office and carols being sung up and down the hallways. Ok, that last part might be over doing it, but I promise there is a bit of magic in the air as employees’ generosity and giving spirit shines through.

Throughout the year C2G sponsors events and collects supplies for a local elementary school. During the holidays, employee bring in gifts for families of students that need a little help making the holidays magical for their little ones.

To kick off the magic, the week before Thanksgiving our employees graciously pick the names of children they get to buy gifts for. Our employees spend the next three weeks picking out the perfect clothing items and toys for that child. They pay attention to the child’s interests and wants, picking out those perfect items to make any child believe in the spirit of this holiday season.

As the employees bring in the gifts, one of our largest conference rooms is transformed into a mini version of Santa’s workshop – making any Grinch realize THIS is what it’s all about. It’s about caring for your neighbors, giving when you can, and going that extra mile to make sure it’s just right. You know it will bring a smile unlike any other to someone’s face.

This magic in the air is what makes C2G a truly great place to work, and it reminds us all that we have some of the best coworkers around. We’re thankful to work with such wonderful individuals, who understand the importance of giving back to our community in this small way. We hope this time of year is proving to be just as magical for you as well!

Happy Holidays from C2G!
-By Stacy Hopkins

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