5 Insider Tips From C2G

5 Insider Tips From C2G

I recently sat down with C2G’s customer service manager to discuss the most commonly asked questions from our customers. We uncovered a few tips and tricks that will help our customers get the most from C2G products and services

Can you help me find a solution?

Many C2G customers don’t realize that we have a full-time customer service team located in Moraine, Ohio. These highly-intelligent, fully-trained individuals are on call to help you find the product you need or answer questions about products you’ve already purchased.

What if I need a length of cable that is not listed on the website?

Finding the correct length of cable for a conference room, classroom or office space can be tricky. C2G customer service reps can help you find the appropriate cable on our website or put in a custom order for you. Most of the cables listed on the website can be customized specifically for your application, with a nominal charge.

Why should I create a C2G account?

Setting up an account with C2G is simple and takes less than 3 minutes. There are many perks associated with creating a C2G account such as quick reordering, access to order history, promotions, discounts and loyalty programs. And did you know that tax exemptions can be added to any account? Simply contact the customer service team to provide the required paperwork.

What is “Share your Cart?”

The share your cart functionality allows you to save all of the products you need to complete a project and share then with the rest of your team. Simply add all of the products you need to your cart, then view your cart and click the “Share your Cart” icon. Enter the email addresses of whom you wish to share your cart and send the email.. This is an ideal functionality when working on cross-functional projects with multiple teams and stages.

USA Made, TAA Compliant Products

C2G manufactures products that meet the standards for Government agencies and projects. Check out our full line of TAA and Made in the USA copper and fiber products.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us

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