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Choosing the Correct Connector | Understanding Fiber Connections

- With more than 100 fiber optic connector styles and types available today, the right choice for a particular application can often be difficult to figure out. Design and performance of both the optical fibers and connectors has become more sophisticated over the years. Today‚Äôs fiber connectors provide end-to-end solutions that cover a wide range of applications and, in many cases, can be easily terminated in the field. That was then... Some early fiber optic connectors, used in telephone central…

Fiber Cables Explained!

- Selecting the correct Fiber Optic cable for your data center or network can be challenging. There are a several factor to consider before making a purchase: Fiber Count, Fiber Type, Jacket Rating, Connector Type and Polarity method. Luckily, C2G put all the information you need in 1 quick and easy blog post! Fiber Trunk Cable Types There are four main cable types that are prevalent for data center and LAN applications: Selecting the correct cable will depend on the application. Tight buffered d…

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