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5 Things You Need to Know About PoE

- Power over Ethernet, often referred to as PoE, has been around since the early days of landline telephones in homes and offices. Today PoE can be found in almost any commercial building. PoE is a cost effective solution for powering low voltage devices throughout a building or campus. What is PoE? Power over Ethernet refers to a system that safely delivers DC power and data to remote devices such as IP telephones, network cameras or wireless access points. The power and data is transmitted over…

A World Without Connectivity

- On a chilly Thursday morning, in an Ohio suburb , a young woman wakes to find that her entire world has changed. Her day begins like any other. She’s up before the sun, heads to the kitchen to make some coffee; as it begins to brew she reaches for her phone to see all the things she has missed while she was fast asleep. Almost as soon as her eyes open every day, she checks in with social media to see what her friends and family are up to. First to Instagram, then to Facebook, Twitter, and finish…

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