Simplified Connectivity: Physical Infrastructure

Simplified Connectivity: Physical Infrastructure

This is the fourth post in a series that will take an in-depth look at how C2G defines Simplified Connectivity. Our first post, Simplified Connectivity, introduced this concept and showed how we provide simplified connectivity through our technical expertise, straightforward solutions, and an effortless experience for our customers. The second post covered our Audio/Video & PC product category, outlining our offering of cables, active devices, and adapters & converters. The third post focused on our Data Communications product category. This post will take a deep dive into our Physical Infrastructure product category.

The Physical Infrastructure category has expanded for C2G since we have joined Legrand, and it describes products that are used to mount data communication and audio/video devices in data center and networking applications. These products fit into one of the following categories:

Cable Management

Racks & Cabinets

Poke-Thru Devices


Cable management describes a wide range of products that help to protect, route, and organize cabling in an endless number of applications. These products from C2G can be divided into two major categories—those products designed for use with racks and cabinets, and Wiremold raceway products. Cable management products designed for use with racks and cabinets help to organize and route cables within a data center or network installation. This organization and routing is critical to these installations, as they help keep cables out of the way so that the equipment mounted in the rack or cabinet may receive the proper amount of airflow for thermal management. Wiremold raceway serves as both a functional and aesthetic addition to a wide variety of applications from a huddle space to an auditorium. Wiremold raceway helps to protect and route cables on the wall, on the floor, or even through furniture, like a table.


As a Brand of Legrand, C2G is now able to provide a complete line of Legrand racks, cabinets and accessories. Racks and cabinets provide a physical mounting location for data communications and audio/video equipment. Our two post and four post open rack offering provides a mounting location for patch panels, cable management, network switches, shelves, and other data communications equipment. Wall mount racks and brackets provide an ideal solution for deployment of smaller equipment in edge computing applications or even in high-density applications to maximize space utilization. The cabinets offered by C2G not only provide a physical mounting location for data communications or audio/video equipment, they also provide physical security for that equipment. Available in two widths, our cabinets ship completely assembled and feature adjustable 19in EIA mounting rails, spacing indicators, and two-piece lockable side panels.


C2G offers a wide variety of wall plates which act as poke through devices and add the perfect finishing touch to any infrastructure installation. These wall plates serve as a transition point for cabling and connectivity from in-wall to out of wall access. Our offering of wall plates extends from a simple pass through or single keystone opening to a multi-port wall plate for all of your devices. These wall plates feature ports including RJ45, USB, HDMI, DisplayPort, and many more.

At C2G, as a brand of Legrand, we’ve worked to expand our physical infrastructure product offering. We have several experts on staff ready to help find the right solution to meet the needs of every installation. Contact one of our experts today to start your next physical infrastructure install.

Stay tuned for our 5th post featuring Power Management.

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