C2G Custom Solutions: A Collaboration Story

C2G Custom Solutions: A Collaboration Story

Centuries-old packaged ice industry: meet disruption!

One of Legrand’s recent projects was collaboration with Juan Marti, CEO and co-founder of the smart technology company IceQ. Formed in 2011, IceQ was designed with the intent of bringing a disruptive technology to the packaged ice industry.

And did they ever!

The IceQ team developed its flagship When to Go™ technology specifically to minimize the number of touch points for ice deliveries needed in a given day. This helps eliminate the two primary inefficiencies in ice delivery: over serving (sending deliveries more frequently than is necessary) and its opposite, underserving. Doing one or the other is a good way to lose a customer.

IceQ’s genius is that it balances those two extremes. And Legrand plays a central role in providing that essential service.

Check out this YouTube interview with Juan to see how Legrand was able to assist IceQ as a key strategic partner. Among the engineered solutions tailored to IceQ’s needs, Juan points to the cable harness we designed as a key component in connecting the technology within a single solution – and still achieving elegance of design and function.

IceQ is a company to watch. The company harbors goals that are not just domestic: Juan is already thinking about how to reach global saturation in the packaged ice business. And thinking about that, he says, would make him nervous…if he didn’t have the level of support that Legrand provides. But with our team backing him up, Juan says he can sleep easy!


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